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Seminars & Exams

Mon 01 Jul
13:15-14:15 | 1531-215 (Aud-D3)
QGM seminar by Dylan Allegretti (University of Sheffield)
Title: Quiver representations, cluster varieties, and categorification of canonical bases
Tue 02 Jul
11:15-12:00 | 1531-215 (Aud-D3)
Introductory seminar by Penhui Li (IST Austria)
Wed 03 Jul
11:15-12:15 | 1531-215 (Aud-D3)
QGM seminar by Penhui Li (IST Austria)
Title: Whittaker sheaf, commuting scheme and Geometric Langlands conjecture
Wed 03 Jul
14:15-15:15 | 1531-215 (Aud-D3)
QGM seminar by Ritwik Mukherjee (NISER, India)
Title: Enumerative Geometry of singular curves in a Linear System