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Masterclasses & conferences

Wed 19 May
10:00-18:00 | Aud. G1
QGM Official Opening Symposium
QGM startet its activities 1 September 2009. The opening of this National Danish Research Foundation funded Centre of Exellence will be celebrated officially 19-20 May 2010. Everyone is welcome!

Seminars & Exams

Fri 07 May
14:15-15:15 | Aud. D3
PhD seminar by Therese Søby Andersen (QGM)
Title: Quantum groups and their representations
Tue 11 May
16:15-17:15 | Aud. D3
Seminar by Atle Hahn (Lisbon University)
Title: A rigorous approach to the non-Abelian Chern-Simons path integral
Wed 12 May
16:15-17:15 | Aud. D3
Seminar by Jochen Heinloth (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Some cohomology calculations of moduli spaces of Higgs bundles and related spaces
Tue 18 May
16:45-17:45 | Aud. D3
Seminar by Kim Frøyshov (University of Zürich)
Title: Floer homology and intersection forms of four-manifolds with boundary
Wed 26 May
14:15-15:15 | Aud D3
Seminar by Nicolas Libedinsky (Institut Mathématique de Jussieu)
Title: Soergel bimodules and Hecke algebras
Wed 26 May
15:45-16:45 | Aud. D3
Seminar by Michael Thaddeus (Columbia University, USA)
Title: Moduli of principal bundles and the wonderful compactification