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Masterclasses & conferences

Sat 29 Oct
12:00-16:00 | Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg
QGM Nielsen Retreat 2016
Annual retreat for employees and close associates of QGM held at Sandbjerg Estate.

Seminars & Exams

Mon 10 Oct
16:00-17:00 | Aud D3
Seminar by Mikhail Mazin (Kansas State University)
Title: Operators on the equivariant K-theory of the space of partial flags
Mon 31 Oct
13:00-15:00 | Sandbjerg Manor, Sandbjergvej 102, 6400 Sønderborg
PhD defense by Simone Marzioni (2016)
Title: Complex Chern-Simons Theory: Knot Invariants and Mapping Class Group Representations