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Spring 2019

PhD course
Quivers and moduli problems in algebraic geometry (Alexander Soibelman & Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen)

Master courses
Morse theory (Marcel Bökstedt)
Geometry on Groups (Andrew Swann)
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (Gergely Bérczi & Niels Lauritzen)

Bachelor courses
Geometry (Cristiano Spotti og Gergely Berczi)

Fall 2018

PhD course
Geometry of singular Kähler-Einstein metrics (Martin de Borbon) 

Master course
Algebraic Topology (Gergely Berczi and Artan Sheshmani)
Riemann Surfaces (Cristiano SpottiJørgen Ellegaard Andersen og Martin de Borbon)

Fall 2017

Master course: Gauge Theory (Cristiano Spotti and Roberta Anna Iseppi

PhD course: Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces (Sergey Arkhipov & Cristiano Spotti)

Spring 2017

PhD course
Quantum Field Theory and Path Integrals (Du Pei)

Master's Degree course: Differential Geometry (Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen and Yang Huang) & Algebraic Geometry I (Artan Sheshmani)

Fall 2016

Master's Degree programme
Topological K-theory (Marcel Bökstedt, Andrew du Plessis and Yang Huang)

Bachelor's Degree Programme in Mathematics
Algebra by Henning Haahr Andersen (Q1+Q2)

PhD courses   
Canonical Kähler metrics by Cristiano Spotti (Q1+Q2)

An introduction to Higgs bundles by Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen and Qiongling Li (Q1)

Fall 2015

Graduate course: Gauge Theory and characteristic classes by J.E. Andersen, Y. Huang & Q. Li

Graduate course: Geometry on Groups by Andrew Swann, Marco Freibert and Thomas Bruun Madsen

Bachelor course: Algebra by Henning Haahr Andersen

Spring 2014

Graduate course: Symplectic Geometry and Equivariant Cohomology By Jørgen E. Andersen, Niels L. Gammelgaard & Florian Schätz

Graduate course: Riemann Surfaces by Jørgen E. Andersen & Kim Frøyshov

Graduate course: Lie Algebras by Henning Haahr Andersen

PhD course: An introduction to sln-link homologies and categorification by Daniel Tubbenhauer (4th quarter)

Fall 2013

PhD course: Iterated Integrals by Florian Schätz; 1st + 2nd quarter; 10 ECTS

Bachelor course: Algebra by Henning Haahr Andersen; 1st + 2nd quarter; 10 ECTS

Spring 2013

Graduate course: Coxeter Groups and Hecke Algebras by Henning Haahr Andersen; 3rd + 4th quarter; 10 ECTS

Graduate course: Knot Theory by Andrew Swann & Brendan McLellan; 3rd + 4th quarter; 10 ECTS

Graduate course: Riemann´s Zeta function by Alexei Venkov; 3rd + 4th quarter; 10 ECTS

Graduate course: Smooth Manifolds, Group Actions and Moduli Spaces, II by Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen & Johan Martens; 3rd+4th Quarter; 10 ECTS

Fall 2012

Spring 2012

  • PhD course: Conformal Field Theory by Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Hans-Christian Herbig, Benjamin Himpel & Johan Martens; 3rd Quarter 2012, 10 ECTS.
  • Graduate course: Lie Algebras by Henning Haahr Andersen; 3rd-4th Quarter 2012, 10 ECTS.
  • Graduate course: Further Number Theory by Simon Kristensen & Alexei Venkov; 3rd-4th Quarter 2012, 10 ECTS.

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

Spring 2010

Fall 2009