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Getting around in Aarhus


City bikes are available in Aarhus from 1 April to 30 October. You can use the bikes free of charge 24-7.

You pick up a city bike at one of the 57 city bike parking racks around town by depositing a DKK 20 coin which will be returned when the bike is returned at any of the parking racks - same principle as super market trolleys.


In Aarhus, the city busses are yellow. You can enter and exit the bus through any door. The name of the bus stop is announced through speakers and at a small screen in the bus. Press a red stop button when your bus stop is announced.

You buy a ticket from the automated machine located in the middle/back of the bus. The machine accepts coins only (it gives change). The validity of the ticket is shown at the back of the ticket. If you do not have a valid ticket you risk a fine of DKK 750.

There are four zones in Aarhus, and the bus fare depends on the number of zones. A 1-2 zone fare is DKK 20, a 3-zone fare is DKK 27 and a 4-zone fare is DKK 34. If you are going to stay in Aarhus for a week (or more), it might be cheaper to buy a 'klippekort', a card valid for 10 bus rides, e.g. DKK 140 for a card with 10 bus rides in zone 1-2. See more prices here.


Aarhus taxa: +45 8948 4848