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Toric geometry of Spin(7)-manifolds

Thomas Bruun Madsen & Andrew Swann present new results on arXiv.

2018.11.09 | Jane Jamshidi

Thomas Bruun Madsen & Andrew Swann recently submitted a new result on arXiv.  

In this paper we study Spin(7)-manifolds with an effective multi-Hamiltonian action of a four-torus. On an open dense set, we provide a GibbonsHawking type ansatz that describes such geometries in terms of a symmetric 4 × 4-matrix of functions. This description leads to the first known Spin(7)-manifolds with a rank 4 symmetry group and full holonomy. We also show that the multi-moment map exhibits the full orbit space topologically as a smooth four-manifold, containing a trivalent graph in R4 as the image of the set of the special orbits.

Link to the paper on arXiv.