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Toric geometry of G2-manifolds

Andrew F. Swann and Thomas Bruun Madsen present new results on arXiv

2018.03.22 | Christine Dilling

"We consider G2-manifolds with an effective torus action that is multi-Hamiltonian for one or more of the defining forms. The case of T3-actions is found to be distinguished. For such actions multi-Hamiltonian with respect to both the three- and four-form, we derive a Gibbons-Hawking type ansatz giving the geometry on an open dense set in terms a symmetric 3×3-matrix of functions. This leads to particularly simple examples of explicit metrics with holonomy equal to G2. We prove that the multi-moment maps exhibit the full orbit space topologically as a smooth four-manifold containing a trivalent graph as the image of the set of special orbits and describe these graphs in some complete examples". 


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