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New position for Gabriele Rembado

Gabriele has accepted a joint postdoc position at ETH Zürich and University of Geneva

2018.05.25 | Christine Dilling

Gabriele Rembado has been associated with QGM since Oct. 2014, with Center director Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen as his PhD co-supervisor.   

He recently defended his PhD thesis with the title "Quantisation of moduli spaces and connections" and has just accepted a 2-year joint postdoc position. From Sep. 2018 - Aug. 2019 Gabriele is going to be a part of Giovanni Felder's team at the Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich. From Sep. 2019 - Aug. 2020 Gabriele is moving to University of Geneva to work with - and be a part of - Anton Alekseev's group.