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Arxived paper on the BRST cohomology

Roberta Iseppi presents a new result on ArXiv

2019.09.18 | Jane Jamshidi

MSCA Fellow Roberta Anna Iseppi has submitted a new result on arXiv entitled "The BRST cohomology and a generalized Lie algebra cohomology: analysis of a matrix model".

This article is devoted to the analysis of the gauge-fixed BRST cohomology complex for a matrix model endowed with a U(2)-gauge symmetry. After a brief introduction on the BV construction and the gauge-fixing procedure in the setting of finite-dimensional gauge theories, we apply these constructions to the model, with the purpose of explicitly determining and computing the corresponding gauge-fixed BRST cohomology groups. In the second part of this article, we introduce a notion of generalized Lie algebra cohomology, which allows the gauge-fixed BRST cohomology complex for a new description, able to detect a double complex structure.

Link to the paper on arXiv: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1909.05053.pdf