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Seminar by Thomas Bruun Madsen, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Title: Instantons via hypersurface evolution

2014.08.28 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Tue 02 Sep
Time 15:45 16:45
Location Koll. G4


Abstract: The notion of an instanton in four dimensions can be generalized when one considers the curvature as taking values in a
general Lie algebra g=Lie(G) rather than su(2).
This talk will discuss ways of constructing instantons for the cases when G=SU(2), G_2, and Spin(7). We use known constructions of special
holonomy metrics, via hypersurface evolution, and then explain how one can simultaneously evolve a connection on the initial hypersurface so
as to get an instanton related to SU(2), G_2 or Spin(7), depending on the initial hypersurface.
This is joint work, in progress, with Jason Lotay.