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Seminar: Algebraic Frobenius manifolds and classical W-algebras

Speaker: Yassir Dinar (University of Khatoum, Sudan)

2012.09.20 | Christine Dilling

Date Wed 15 Feb
Time 15:30 16:30
Location Aud. D3 (1531-215)


I will speak about a work in progress to prove Dubrovin conjecture about algebraic Frobenius manifolds. The conjecture is stated as follows: Semisimple irreducible algebraic Frobenius manifolds with positive degrees correspond to quasi-Coxeter conjugacy classes in irreducible Coxeter groups. Then I will explain the construction of a family of algebraic Frobenius which support the conjecture using the theory of classical W-algebras. These families are certain subvarieties in the total spaces of semiuniversal deformation of simple hypersurface singularities.

Seminar, Staff, Public/media