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PhD Defence: Amit De (2013)

Title: On the asymptotic expansion of the curvature of perturbations of the L2 connection

2013.05.14 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Fri 31 May
Time 13:15 15:15
Location Aud. D2 (1531-119)


We establish that the Hitchin connection is a perturbation of the L2 connection. We notice that such a formulation of the Hitchin connection does not necessarily require the manifold in question possessing a rigid family of Kähler structures. We then proceed to calculate the asymptotic expansion of general perturbations of the L2-connection, and see when under certain assumptions such perturbations are at and projectively at. During the calculations we also found an asymptotic expansion of the projection operator $\pi_\sigma^{(k)}$ which projects onto the holomorphic sections of the k-th tensor of prequantum line bundle.

Assesment committee: 
Martin Schlichenmaier (Uni. Luxembourg)
Steen Markvorsen (DTU)
Henning Haahr Andersen (AU), Chair

IT, computer science and mathematics , Public/media, Staff, Students, PhD defense