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Introductory seminar by Ivan Cheltsov (University of Edinburgh)

Title: How to compute delta-invariant of Fano varieties?

2019.05.01 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Tue 07 May
Time 16:15 17:00
Location 1532-218 (Koll-G3)



Recently, Kento Fujita and Yuji Odaka introduced delta-invariant of Fano varieties. It plays an important role in K-stability similar to alpha-invariant introduced by Tian many years ago. Delta-invariant is more powerful than alpha-invariant. But it is also much harder to compute it. In my talk I will show how to estimate delta-invariants for some smooth del Pezzo surfaces.

This seminar gives an introduction to this week's "QGM seminar". The seminar is meant for Master and PhD students - all are welcome.  

Introductory seminars