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Colloquium by Seth Putterman (UCLA)

Title: Theory, Movies and Pendulum Models of Kink, Breather and Domain Wall Solitons

2014.12.08 | Maja Malmdorf Andersen

Date Tue 16 Dec
Time 15:45 17:00
Location 1531-113 (Aud.D1)


The Equations of Fluid Mechanics are nonlinear due to the Galilean Transformation, the equation of state, and the kinematical boundary condition. In the absence of a free surface these equations contain symmetry breaking multiscale solutions at fourth order that are isomorphic to the Landau two fluid theory. Inclusion of gravity and a free surface introduces dispersion and the appearance of various solitons. These include non-propagating kinks, breathers and domain walls. All of these states correspond to spontaneous symmetry breaking while the domain wall in addition represents a broken parity. Movies of these states on water and in a pendulum lattice will be shown. The physical solitons exist at amplitudes that are so high that they appear to be more general than is elucidated by asymptotics.


Before the colloquium there will be coffee/tea outside the auditorium. The colloquium will start at 16:00.