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AaDAG seminar by Vladimir Baranovsky (University of California - Irvine)

Title: Quantization of vector bundles on Lagrangian Subvarieties

2016.12.12 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Thu 15 Dec
Time 14:00 15:00
Location 1532-116 (Aud. G1)


This is a joint work with my PhD student Taiji Chen. We assume that X is an algebraic symplectic variety with a fixed deformation quantization Oh of its structure sheaf. For a smooth Lagrangian subvariety Y and a vector bundle E we establish necessary and sufficient conditions for E to admit a deformation quantization to a module over Oh. I plan to finish the talk with some speculations about the Hitchin connection on the moduli space of curves. 

AaDAG seminar: Aarhus Differential Algebraic Geometry seminar  

Seminar, AaDAG seminar