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AaDAG seminar by Nikita Nikolaev (Toronto)

Title: The Exact WKB Method is Abelianisation

2016.12.06 | Christine Dilling

Date Mon 12 Dec
Time 16:15 17:15
Location Kol-G3 (1532-218)


The exact WKB method is a powerful tool in singular perturbation theory of differential equations. It is a formal calculation supplemented by a resummation technique: solutions are found as (in general, divergent) power series in the perturbation parameter and subsequently resummed to give true solutions.

I will give a brief introduction to the exact WKB method for second order ODEs on a Riemann surface X, and explain how to use it to construct a flat line bundle on a cover of X which we call the abelianisation of the original system. By considering holonomies of this abelianisation, the exact WKB method produces an explicit Darboux coordinate system on a moduli space of framed SL_2-connections.

Based on joint work in progress with M. Gualtieri, K. Iwaki, A. Neitzke. 

AaDAG seminar: Aarhus Differential Algebraic Geometry seminar    

AaDAG seminar