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AaDAG seminar by Martin Svensson (University of Southern Denmark)

Title: Harmonic maps into G2/SO(4) and their twistor lifts

2017.02.13 | Christine Dilling

Date Fri 31 Mar
Time 14:00 15:00
Location Aud. G1

Burstall and Rawnsley have shown how the canonically fibered flag manifolds sit inside the twistor space of a compact, simply connected inner Riemannian symmetric space. It is known that a harmonic map from a surface into an inner Riemannian symmetric space of classical type has a twistor lift into such a flag manifold if and only if it is nilconformal in the sense that its derivative is nilpotent. In this talk, I will show that this result can be generalised to harmonic maps into the exceptional inner symmetric space G_2/SO(4). I will describe the structure of the canonically fibered flag manifolds over this space and the construction of the twistor lifts of nilconformal harmonic maps. I will also show how almost complex maps into S^6 can be used to construct harmonic maps into G_2/SO(4). The talk will be based on joint work with John C. Wood. 

AaDAG seminar: Aarhus Differential Algebraic Geometry seminar      

AaDAG seminar