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Secondary school students in math paradise

Fifty secondary school students participated in ‘Math Club 2014’ at QGM this weekend.

2014.01.27 | Christine Dilling

For the third time QGM has arranged Math Club, a weekend for upper secondary school students to get a hint of mathematics at university level, and this year the event reached the highest number of participants.

The teachers, who are PhD students at QGM, aim to use Math Club to pass on their passion for mathematics to young people facing the choice of what to do when they leave school. The weekend event also provides a good opportunity for clarifying whether the right path for them is mathematics or science.

The Centre Director Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen stated: "It is a great pleasure for us that so many talented young students wish to spend a weekend with us, so that we can give them a small taste of what our research area is about, and we hope it can serve as an inspiration for some of the brightest to choose a carrier in research - maybe even here at the Department of Mathematics at Aarhus University" (translated from Danish by eds.).

The academic level of the Math Club course is higher than the teenagers are used to at upper secondary school, and the pupils will attend lectures as well as dealing with different mathematical exercises. It is important for the organisers to show that university studies are not just the advanced use of a pocket calculator – pure mental activity is involved to a great extent.

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