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QGM researcher receives VILLUM Young Investigator grant - DKK 7 million.

Associate Professor Cristiano Spotti from Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces (QGM), Department of Mathematics, receives the grant for his project “Complex Shapes”.

2018.01.23 | Christine Dilling

VILLUM Young Investigator funds aims at supporting especially talented up-and-coming researchers in science and technology to ensure that they can pursue their most passionate ideas. The funding will, among others, be used to build a research group and employ other 3-4 young researchers (postdocs and PhDs) to complete the project.  

Cristiano’s research project “Complex Shapes”, focuses on investigating metric aspects of the relations between differential and algebraic geometry, two of the most classical branches of Mathematics, which also have significant connections with current Theoretical Physics.    

Cristiano has been associated to QGM since he was employed at the Department of Mathematics in August 2016. He came from a position as a research associate at the University of Cambridge and his research interests lies within the fields of complex differential geometry, complex algebraic geometry and degenerations of Riemannian manifolds.  

Read more about VILLUM Young Investigator and Cristiano Spotti at the VILLUM Foundations webpage (in Danish only). 

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