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Five more years for QGM

The Danish National Research Foundation has decided to grant a five-year extension to QGM until 2019.

2013.09.30 | Christine Dilling

The Danish National Research Foundation’s international panel of experts concluded among others, that QGM has a fantastic, well-functioning collaboration with partners around the world, and the resulting synergy effect means that we jointly have the strongest environment in the world in the study of quantum geometry of moduli spaces. The impressive panel statement led to a five-year extension.

QGM has already three international partners (in Paris, Oxford and Berkeley) and will extend this in the period ahead to include a fourth partner – the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). This will strengthen our work with theoretical physics. Furthermore QGM is in the coming years looking forward to also continue our studies of the correlation between protein folding and quantum field theory, and we are pleased that the Danish National Research Foundation’s extension provides an opportunity for new focus areas.

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