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Caltech - a new, strong international collaborator

QGM has an extensive network of international collaborators which now also includes the world-renowed institution: California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

2014.08.19 | Christine Dilling

There have already been close collaborations between QGM and Caltech but from 1 Sep. 2014 Caltech is officially a part of QGM's strong group of international collaborators. In fact it is Prof. Hirosi Ooguri, Prof. Anton Kapustin and Prof. Sergei Gukov from the high energy theory group at Caltech, whom QGM primarily will be collaborating with.

QGM and Caltech will among other initiatives start a joint postdoc program and representatives of the high energy theory group at Caltech will participate in the ongoing center activities and regularly visit QGM in Aarhus. Furthermore, they will participate in the planning and execution of Center activities including masterclasses and workshops. Hirosi Ooguri will also serve on the executive committee of the Centre.

The partnership between QGM and Caltech strengthens QGM's activities at further exciting interfaces between math and physics.

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