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Beautiful mathematics at the Danish Science Festival

Six PhD students represented QGM, Department of Mathematics, at the annual Danish Science Festival.

2017.04.28 | Christine Dilling

Mathematics is about numbers, but did you know that mathematics also involves beautiful images and figures? With beautiful pictures, glass sculptures and 3D objects six PhD students from QGM showed and explained the interested visitors, how Math can be beautiful, and why Math is more than "just" numbers.

"There were more visitors than we expected! Especially the 3D printed objects attracted their attention, and they were interested in hearing how these beautiful objects are related to QGM's mathematical research", says Mette Bjerre, QGM PhD Student at the Festival.   

About the Danish Science Festival

The Danish Science Festival takes place every year in week 17. The festival programme has about 600 different events in more than 100 cities all over the country and every year more than 75,000 guests visit the festival.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is principal organizer behind the Festival and the purpose is to:

  • Celebrate the fundamental element of research – curiosity
  • Establishing a meeting place between researchers and the general public
  • Showcase how research and innovation helps solve social grand challenges
  • Support public engagement in research and enhance the relationship between researchers and the general public.

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