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Article accepted in Reviews in Mathematical Physics

Roberta Iseppi gets an article accepted for publication in Reviews in Mathematical Physics

2019.06.07 | Jane Jamshidi

The article, The BV formalism: Theory and application to a matrix model, by Marie Curie Fellow Roberta Iseppi is accepted for publication in the international journal Reviews in Mathematical Physics.

In this article Roberta reviews the BV formalism in the context of $0$-dimensional gauge theories. For a gauge theory $(X_{0}, S_{0})$ with an affine configuration space $X_{0}$, she describes an algorithm to construct a corresponding extended theory $(\widetilde{X}, \widetilde{S})$, obtained by introducing ghost and anti-ghost fields, with $\widetilde{S}$ a solution of the classical master equation in $\mathcal{O}_{\widetilde{X}}$. This construction is the first step to define the (gauge-fixed) BRST cohomology complex associated to $(\widetilde{X}, \widetilde{S})$, which encodes many interesting information on the initial gauge theory $(X_{0}, S_{0})$. The second part of this article is devoted to the application of this method to a matrix model endowed with a $U(2)$-gauge symmetry, explicitly determining the corresponding $\widetilde{X}$ and the general solution $\widetilde{S}$ of the classical master equation for the model.

The article was first published on arXiv.org: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1610.03463.pdf