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Seminar by Luca Di Cerbo (ICTP)

Title: On the geometry of smooth compactifications of complex hyperbolic manifolds

2017.05.15 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Fri 26 May
Time 10:15 11:00
Location 1532-122 Aud-G2


In 1984 Hirzebruch constructed the first examples of non-minimal smooth compactifications of complex hyperbolic manifolds. In this talk, I will explain how such examples cannot exist if the dimension of the manifold is greater or equal to three (joint with G. Di Cerbo). Finally, I will discuss how Hirzebruch's example and closely related ball quotients (constructed jointly with M. Stover) are useful in answering a variety of questions in complex surfaces theory and hyperbolic geometry.

NB: This seminar is aimed at a general audience of mathematicians.