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QGM seminar by Jie Ren (MPIM Bonn)

Title: The cohomological Hall algebras and motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants of 2 Calabi-Yau categories

2018.03.27 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Wed 04 Apr
Time 16:15 17:15
Location Aud. D3 (1531-215)



The cohomological Hall algebra (COHA) and motivic Hall algebras defined by Kontsevich and Soibelman are approaches to motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants. I will talk about the cohomological Hall algebras of 2 Calabi-Yau categories via the dimensional reduction from 3 Calabi-Yau categories. More precisely, dimensional reduction from quiver with potential to preprojective algebras. I will discuss the secicanonical basses of a subalgebra of the COHA, and motivic Donaldson-Thomas series/invariants of a 2 Calabi-Yau category. This is a joint work with Yan Soibelman.