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QGM Junior Retreat 2014

Workshop for PhD students and postdocs associated with QGM

2014.05.12 | Jane Jamshidi

Three PhD students networking in the QGM Lounge

Date Mon 28 Jul Fri 15 Aug
Time 10:00    16:00
Location Aarhus University, Department of Mathematics

Generel info

The annual QGM PhD retreat will this year be from the end of July until the middle of August and consist of two weeks of 2 'senior lectures' each day and a third week of lectures by students/postdocs. 


First week (28 July-1 August) -  Program Week 1-2 (pdf)

Lectures by

  • Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen (QGM, Aarhus)
  • Maxim Kontsevich (IHÉS, Paris) 
  • Dmitry Lebedev (ITEP, Moscow)

Second week (4 - 8 August)

Lectures by  

  • Nicolai Reshetikhin (UC Berkeley) 
  • Rinat Kashaev (Geneve)

Third week (11-15 August)   -   Program Week 3 (pdf)

Junior researchers lectures for junior researchers

All participating junior researchers are expect to give a lecture on their own or related work of their choice aimed at the otherjunior researchers at the retreat

Financial support

Accommodation and some meals will be covered directly by QGM

There are limited funding for travel support

List of participants

Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard (Aarhus University) - SPEAKER
Kashaev, Rinat (Geneve) - SPEAKER
Kontsevich, Maxim (IHÉS) - SPEAKER
Lebedev, Dmitry (ITEP, Moscow) - SPEAKER
Reshetikhin, Nicolai (UC Berkeley) - SPEAKER

Shakirov, Shamil (UC Berkeley)
Husain, Ammar S. (UC Berkeley)
Gus Schrader (UC Berkeley)
Alexandru Chirvasitu (UC Berkeley)
Shehryar Sikander (Aarhus University)
Florian Schätz (Aarhus University)
Marzioni, Simone (Aarhus University)
Valentin Zakharevich (University of Texas)
Richard Hughes (University of Texas)
William Elbæk Petersen (Aarhus University)
Tue Thulesen Dahl (Aarhus University)
Jens Kristian Egsgaard (Aarhus University)
Niccolo Skovgaard Pedersen (Aarhus University)
Mette Bjerre (Aarhus Univesity)
Dennis H. Pedersen (Aarhus University)
Kenneth Rasmussen (Aarhus University)


(Registration ends Wed 25 June)


Video recordings of the lectures