Currency, banks, shops, etc.


In Denmark we do not have Euro's. The Danish currency is called "Kroner". The abbreviation is "kr." or DKK. 

Banks, post offices, pharmacies

Weekdays 10am-4pm, though Thursdays until 5.30pm.

Some pharmacies are open Saturdays 10am-12 noon, and there is an emergency pharmacy ‘Løve Apoteket’ at Store Torv which is open all hours, nights included.


Weekdays 10am-5.30pm, Sat. 10am-2pm.

Big shops and shopping centers

Weekdays 10am-7pm, Saturdays and first Sunday of the month 10am-5pm.
Some smaller supermarkets are also open on Sundays.


Seven Eleven open all hours.

Restaurants/places to eat nearby

  • China Palace (and sushi), Paludan-Müllers Vej 24, 8200 Aarhus N 
  • Pasha Restaurant & Cafe, Paludan-Müllers Vej 28, 8200 Aarhus N 
  • Unipizza, Kaserneboulevarden 35, 8000 Aarhus C,
  • Ha Long (Vietnamese food) in Storcenter Nord
  • Café Coco (Italian food) in Storcenter Nord
  • Matematisk kantine


  • Aldi Marked, Vestre Ringgade 59/Paludan-Müllers Vej
  • Føtex in Storcenter Nord
  • Netto in Storcenter Nord
  • Super Kiosken, Langelandsgade 117, 8000 Aarhus C.