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Triple masterclass on Algebraic Geometry

Recordings from the triple masterclass on Algebraic Geometry

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The master class was taught by Indranil Biswas (TIFR), Amit Hogadi (TIFR), Nitin Nitsure (TIFR), and Vikraman Balaji (CMI). It ran from June 2nd to June 13th 2014.

Principal Bundles by Indranil Biswas (TIFR)

Monday, June 2nd
Tuesday, June 3rd

Introduction to Algebraic Stacks by Amit Hogadi (TIFR)

Wednesday, June 4th
Thursday, June 5th

Deformation Theory and Moduli by Nitin Nitsure (TIFR)

Friday, June 6th
Monday, June 9th
Tuesday, June 10th

Instability and tensor products by Vikraman Balaji (CMI)

Wednesday, June 11th
Thursday, June 12th
Friday, June 13th

*: Part of the video recording for this lecture is not available because of a technical problem. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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