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2018.11.14 | People

Roberta Iseppi is developing her project in Toronto

Recently Roberta Iseppi received an offer for a 6-month postdoc position at Univ. of Toronto to work with Professor Matilde Marcolli.

2018.11.13 | Publication

Resurgence Analysis of Quantum Invariants: Seifert Manifolds and Surgeries on The Figure Eight Knot

Jørgen E. Andersen & William E. Petersen present new results on arXiv

2018.11.09 | Publication

Applications of the moduli continuity method to log K-stable pairs

Cristiano Spotti presents new results on arXiv.

2018.11.09 | Publication

Toric geometry of Spin(7)-manifolds

Thomas Bruun Madsen & Andrew Swann present new results on arXiv.

2018.10.23 | Publication

Atiyah class and sheaf counting on local Calabi Yau fourfolds

Artan sheshmani presents new result on arXiv

2018.10.01 | Publication

Homotopy (co)limits via homotopy (co)ends in general combinatorial model categories

Sergey Arkhipov and Sebastian Ørsted present new results on arXiv

2018.10.01 | Publication

Nearly Kähler six-manifolds with two-torus symmetry

Andrew Swann and Giovanni Russo present new results on arXiv

2018.08.22 | Publication

Paper accepted in Journal of Differential Geometry

Nested Hilbert schemes on surfaces: Virtual fundamental class

2018.07.27 | News from the management

Professor Giovanni Landi visits QGM

For two months Professor Landi from Trieste University is going to stay at QGM, Aarhus University.

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