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Conference: August 2013

Pressure metric and Higgs bundles

2013.03.20 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Mon 19 Aug Thu 22 Aug
Time 07:30    16:30
Location Aud. G1 (1532-116)


Invited speakers
Mark Pollicott (Warwick)
Richard Sharp (Warwick)
Scott A. Wolpert (Maryland)
Andre Gama Oliveira (Vila Real)
Ignasi Mundet i Riera (Barcelona)
Greg McShane (Grenoble)
Rinat Kashaev (Geneva)
Mike Wolf (Houston)
Olivier Guichard (Strasbourg)
Howard Masur (Chicago)
Oscar Garcia-Prada (Madrid)
Michael Shapiro (East Lansing)
Steven Bradlow (Urbana)
Francios Ledrappier (Notre Dame)
Indranil Biswas (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
Tudor Dimofte (Pasadena)
Dick Canary (Boston)

Poster aug 2013Social programme

  • Monday 19/8 at 6pm: Social networking dinner. Free of charge.
  • Wednesday 21/8 at 6pm: Special dinner at a Restaurant in town. Free of charge - but you must be signed up for this.

Included in the event

  • Morning and afternoon coffee/tea
  • Lunches on weekdays
  • Social dinner 'first night'
  • Special dinner 'last night'

In special cases, QGM is able to offer limited financial support to junior researchers (PhD students and postdocs). Only applications received before 1 July 2013 will be considered for financial support.

Alessandrini, Daniele (University of Heidelberg)
Andersen, Henning Haahr (AU)
Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard (AU) - organiser
Andersen, Troels Bak (AU)
Blaavand, Jakob (University of Oxford)
Collier, Brian (University of Illinois (UIUC)
Egsgaard, Jens Kristian (AU)
Gammelgaard, Niels Leth (AU)
Ghosh, Sourav (Universite Paris Sud 11)
Gupta, Subhojoy (AU) - organiser
Jørgensen, Søren Fuglede (AU)  
Kasahara, Yasushi (Kochi University of Technology)  
Kawazumi, Nariya (University of Tokyo)
Kao, Lien-Yung (University of Notre Dame)
Kildetoft, Tobias (AU)
Kim, Joonhyung (Konkuk University, Seoul)
Kim, Junyeol (Seoul National University)
Kuno, Yusuke (Tsuda College)
Lai, Alan (Caltech)  
Lee, Gye-Seon (Heidelberg University)
Li, Qiongling (Rice University)
Marzioni, Simone (AU)
Masulli, Paolo (AU)
Morvan, Xavier (Université de Genève)
Nissen, Jens-Jakob Kratmann (AU)
Romao, Nuno (University of Bonn)
Sambarino, Andrés (Paris)
Singh, Sanjay (TIFR, Mumbai)
Sun, Zhe (Universite Paris Sud 11)
Swann, Andrew (AU)
Van der Veen, Roland (University of Amsterdam)
Venkov, Alexei (AU)
Vytnova, Polina (University of Warwick)
Xu, Binbin (Institut Fourier)  
Zhang, Tengren (University of Michigan)
Zograf, Peter (PDMI, Moscow)  

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