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Thu 15 Mar
17:00-16:30 | 1531-211 (Koll. D)
PhD, part A exam by Shehryar Sikander
Moduli of Bundles, Hitchin System, and Abelianization
Fri 21 Oct
13:15-16:15 | Aud. G2
PhD Defence by Troels Agerholm (2011)
Title: Simple 2-representations and Classification of Categorifications
Thu 16 Jun
13:00-15:00 | Aud. D2
PhD, part A exam by Søren Fuglede Jørgensen
Title: Quantum Representations of Mapping Class Groups
Tue 31 May
13:30-15:30 | Koll. D
PhD, part A exam by Amid De
Title: The Hitchin Connection for Non-Rigid Family of Riemann Surfaces
Mon 25 Oct
13:30-16:30 | Aud. D4
PhD defence by Niels Leth Gammelgaard (2010)
Title: Kähler Quantization and Hitchin Connections
Mon 25 Oct
10:30-14:30 | Aud. D4
PhD defence by Magnus Roed Lauridsen (2010)
Title: Aspects of Quantum Mathematics Hitchin Connections and AJ Conjectures
Mon 20 Sep
13:15-16:15 | Aud. D1
PhD Defense by Dan Beltoft (2010)
Title: Limit Shapes and Fluctuations of Bounded Random Partitions
Thu 08 Oct
14:15-16:15 |
PhD defence by Rasmus Villemoes (2009)
Title: Cohomology of Mapping Class Groups with Coefficients in Functions on Moduli Spaces

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