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Triple masterclass by Nitin Nitsure, Indranil Biswas & Vikraman Balaji

The triple masterclass will be given by three world-class scholars from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and the Chennai Mathematics Institute (CMI).

2013.09.10 | Christine Dilling

Date Mon 02 Jun Fri 13 Jun
Time 10:00    16:00
Location QGM

This masterclass is a part of the new research collaboration between QGM and the two Indian research institutes: Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) and TATA Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). For further information about the Indian initiative please see: New collaboration with outstanding Indian research institutes

The masterclass will be supported by an introductory class, June 5-6 2014 (Amit Hogadi, TIFR)

fileadmin/www.qgm.au.dk/Posters/2013-2014/Triple_masterclass_2-13_June_2014_v.2.pdfJune 2-3 2014: Principal Bundles by Indranil Biswas, TIFR.

June 4-5 2014: Introduction to Algebraic Stacks by Amit Hogadi, TIFR.

June 6,9-10 2014: Deformation Theory and Moduli by Nitin Nitsure, TIFR.

June 11-13 2014: Instability and tensor products by Vikraman Balaji, CMI.

Lecture material

Nitin Nitsure

Video recordings


Social programme

  • Monday 2 June at 6pm: Social networking dinner. Free of charge.
  • Thursday 12 June at 6pm: Special dinner at a Restaurant in town (it costs DKK 332,50). To register and pay for the dinner: auws.au.dk/default.aspx (various credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, American Express, JCB).

List of participants

Andersen, Henning Haahr (Aarhus University)
Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard (Aarhus University)
Arkhipov, Sergey (Aarhus University)
Balaji, Vikraman (CMI) - SPEAKER

Battistella, Luca (University of Pisa)
Bergfeldt, Aksel (University of Gothenburg)
Biswas, Indranil (TIFR) - SPEAKER
Bjerre, Mette (Aarhus University)
Bökstedt, Marcel (Aarhus University)
Canlubo, Clarisson Rizzie (University of Copenhagen) 
Damiolini, Chiara (University Duisburg Essen) 
de Kleijn, Niek (University of Copenhagen)
Egsgaard, Jens Kristian (Aarhus University)
Gammelgaard, Niels Leth (Aarhus University)
Gurjale, Anirudh (TIFR)
Gurjar, Sudarshan (aarhus University)
Hawes, Thomas (University of Oxford)
Hogadi, Amit (TIFR) - SPEAKER
Jacobsen, Anders Ditlev (Aarhus University)
Kanstrup. Tina (Aarhus University)
Majumder, Souradeep (IMSc)
Martens, Johan (University of Edinburgh)
Marzioni, Simone (Aarhus University)
Moonen, Boudewijn (Retired - former Universität Bonn) 
Mygind, Martin (Aarhus University)
Naef, Florian (University of Geneva) 
Nitsure, Nitin (TIFR) - SPEAKER
Patimo, Leonardo (University of Pisa)
Pedersen, Dennis (Aarhus University)
Rezazadegan, Reza (Uppsala University)
Schätz, Florian (Aarhus University)
Sikander, Shehryar (Aarhus University)
Stoltze, Simon (Aarhus University)
Tubbenhauer, Daniel (Aarhus University)
Ueno, Kenji (Tokyo)
Ungheretti, Massimiliano (University of Copenhagen) 
Varma, Rohith (CMI)
Vasudevan, Shuddhodan (TIFR)
Xiaomeng, Xu (University of Geneva) 
Zhu, Yuecheng (University of Texas at Austin) 

Included in the event

  • Morning and afternoon coffee/tea
  • Lunches on weekdays
  • Social dinner 'first night' 
Master Class