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QGM Site visit

The QGM midterm evaluation by an expert panel set by the Danish National Research Foundation

2013.04.29 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Tue 11 Jun
Time 10:00 17:30
Location QGM, Aarhus University

10:00                  Coffee outside Auditorium F.

10:30                  (Auditorium F) Presentation of the evaluation panel, center members & international partners. Presentation of QGM: mission, organization, internationalization, the PhD program, the research progress to date

11:00                  Presentation of the scientific self-evaluation and research plan

12:00                  Lunch for the panel members in QGM Lounge (room 1530-326)

                          Lunch for QGM members and international partners/guests in Math Canteen

12:45                  Presentation continued (Auditorium F)

14:00                  Short Coffee break

14:10                  Presentation continued (Auditorium F)

16:10                  Short Coffee break outside the auditorium

16:20                  Panel meets with postdocs and PhD students (QGM Lounge, room 1530-326)

16:45                  Break / tour of QGM facilities

17:00                  Panel meets with Director Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen for final discussions (QGM Lounge, room 1530-326)

17:30                  End of meeting