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QGM Nielsen Retreat 2014

Annual retreat for employees and close associates of QGM held at Sandbjerg Estate.

2014.02.17 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Fri 24 Oct Tue 28 Oct
Time 13:30    18:00
Location Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg

Sandbjerg Estate

In keeping with tradition, the annual QGM Retreat is held at Sandbjerg Estate four days in Oct. This is an event of both academic and social significance, and it is exclusive to QGM employees and close associates. Academically, it is a great opportunity for junior and senior researchers to network. Mornings and afternoons are reserved for seminars, at which presenters share their most recent results and discoveries, inviting discussion and feedback from their fellow researchers. Evenings make a perfect setting for relaxation and social interaction which are crucial for the overall sense of unity amongst Centre members.

The programme will be made when participants have signed up. Everyone is expected to give a talk (PhD students in a group of fellow PhD students).

Common bustransport will be arranged. Departure from QGM: Friday 24 October at 3:30 pm. We will meet in the parking lot in front of building no. 1530. Arrival at Sandbjerg at about 6pm. Departure from Sandbjerg: Tuesday 28 October at 4pm. Arrival in Aarhus at about 6pm.


  • Breakfast 8.00-9.00
  • Lunch 12.00-13.00
  • Dinner 18.00-19.00
  • A special dinner is arranged for the last evening

How to find Sandbjerg Estate
Pictures from Sandbjerg Estate

 List of participants

Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard (AU)
Andersen, Henning Haahr (AU)
Blaavand, Jacob (Oxford)
Chekhov, Leonya (AU/Loughborough)
Dupont, Johan (AU)
Fock, Volodya (Strasbourg)
Gammelgaard, Niels Leth (AU)
Gurjar, Sudarshan (AU)
Gutt, Simone,
Huang, Yang (AU)
Jamshidi, Jane (AU)
Kanstrup, Tina (AU)
Kelly, Tyler (Cambridge)
Mandel, Travis (AU)
Marzioni, Simone (AU)
Masbaum, Gregor (Paris 7)
Pedersen, Dennis H. (AU)
Pedersen, William (AU)
Poulsen, Niccolo S. (AU)
Rasmussen, Kenneth (AU)
Romao, Nuno (Göttingen)
Schätz, Florian (AU)
Scheinman, Oleg (Steklov)
Schlichenmaier, Martin (Luxembourg)
Stoltze, Simon (AU)
Swann, Andrew (AU)
Thulesen-Dahl, Tue (AU)
Tubbenhauer, Daniel (AU)
Van der Veen, Roland (Amsterdam)

Deadline for registration: Wednesday 24 Sep 2014.