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Masterclass August 2013

Pressure and Weil-Petersson metrics by Martin Bridgeman (Boston), Dick Canary (Michigan), and Andrés Sambarino (Paris-Sud 11)

2013.03.20 | Jane Jamshidi

Date Mon 12 Aug Fri 16 Aug
Time 09:00    16:00
Location Aud. G1 (1532-116)



Martin Bridgeman (Boston)
Dick Canary (Michigan)
Andrés Sambarino (Paris-Sud 11)

On their recent work with Francois Labourie proving that the pressure metric from statistical mechanics agrees with the complex Weil-Petersson metric on the SL(n)-representation variety. 

As usual with the QGM masters classes, the class will begin from first principles and then accelerate once or twice during the week.

Poster Aug 2013Schedule

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In special cases, QGM is able to offer limited financial support to junior researchers (PhD students and postdocs). Only applications received before 1 July 2013 will be considered for financial support.

Alberge, Vincent (Université de Strasbourg) 
Alessandrini, Daniele (University of Heidelberg) 
Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard (AU) - organiser
Andersen, Troels Bak (AU)
Blaavand, Jakob (The University of Oxford)
Bradlow, Steven (University of Illinois (UIUC)  
Collier, Brian (University of Illinois (UIUC)  
Egsgaard, Jens Kristian (AU)
Gammelgaard, Niels Leth (AU)
Ghosh, Sourav (Universite Paris Sud 11) 
Gupta, Subhojoy (AU) - organiser
Jørgensen, Søren Fuglede (AU)  
Kasahara, Yasushi (Kochi University of Technology)  
Kawazumi, Nariya (University of Tokyo)
Kao, Lien-Yung (University of Notre Dame)
Kildetoft, Tobias (AU)
Kuno, Yusuke (Tsuda College)  
Lai, Alan (Caltech)
Ledrappier, Francois (Uni. Notre Dame)
Lee, Gye-Seon (Heidelberg University)
Li, Qiongling (Rice University)
Nissen, Jens-Jakob Kratmann (AU)
Marzioni, Simone (AU)
Masulli, Paolo (AU)
Penner, Bob (AU/Caltec) - organiser
Singh, Sanjay (TIFR, Mumbai, India)
Sun, Zhe (Universite Paris Sud 11)
Swann, Andrew (AU)
Venkov, Alexei (AU)
Vytnova, Polina (University of Warwick)
Xu, Binbin (Institut Fourier)  
Zhang, Tengren (University of Michigan)
Zograf, Peter (PDMI, Moscow) 

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