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Mon 29 Oct
12:00-14:00 | 1532-116 (Aud. G1)
PhD part A exam by Jan Christensen
Title: On the semi-regular bimodule associated to a semi-simple Lie algebra
Tue 18 Sep
13:00-15:00 | Øv. D.01 (1531-011)
PhD, part A exam by Andreas B. Skovbakke
Title: Towards a relation between the metaplectic corrected Hithin connection and the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov connection.
Tue 07 Aug
13:15-15:15 | D2 (1531-119)
PhD part A exam by Sebastian Ørsted
Title: Homotopy Descent via A∞-Comodules
Mon 30 Jul
11:00-13:00 | 1531-215 (Aud. D3)
PhD, part A exam by Yuki Koyanagi
Title: The Protein Folding Problem: Global Structure Enumeration and Local Structure Prediction
Thu 26 Apr
14:15-16:15 | 1531-113 (Aud.D1)
PhD, part A exam by Erica Minuz
Title: Graph Cohomologies and Configuration Spaces
Mon 23 Apr
14:15-16:15 | 1531-113 (Aud. D1)
PhD, part A exam by Giovanni Russo
Title: Nearly Kähler 6-manifolds with T2-symmetry
Mon 12 Mar
15:00-17:00 | 1531-113 (Aud-D1)
PhD defence by Alessandro Malusà
Title: Geometric quantisation, the Hitchin-Witten connection and quantum operators in complex Chern-Simons theory
Mon 12 Mar
11:00-13:00 | 1531-113 (Aud-D1)
PhD defence by Mette Bjerre
Title: The Hitchin connection for the Quantization of the moduli space of parabolic bundles on surfaces with marked points
Fri 12 Jan
14:00-16:00 | Aud. G1 (1532-116)
PhD defense by Kenneth Rasmussen
Title: Hitchin Connections for Various Families of Kähler Structures
Thu 31 Aug
13:00-15:00 | Aud-D4 (1531-219)
Part A exam: William E. Petersen
Title: Modular Functors and Quantum Invariants

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