Selected publications

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Wed 12 Dec
16:15-17:00 | 1532-218 (Koll. G3)
Introductory seminar by Yang Li (Imperial College)
Thu 13 Dec
13:00-14:00 | 1531-215 (Aud. D3)
Junior seminar by Giovanni Russo (AU)
Title: Nearly Kähler six-manifolds with two-torus symmetry
Thu 13 Dec
14:15-15:15 | 1531-215 (Aud. D3)
QGM seminar by Yang Li (Imperial College)
Title: Collapsing Calabi-Yau metrics on K3 fibred 3-folds
Mon 24 Jun
09:30-15:30 | Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg
VBAC 2019
GIT, Wall-crossings and Moduli spaces