2017.03.27 |

Travaux Mathématiques dedicates a special issue to QGM

The 25th volume of the Travaux…

Photo: credits to ©Johan Jarnestad/The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

2016.10.05 |

Nobel prize in Physics with close ties to QGM's mathematical research focus

This year's Nobel prize in physics was…

Selected publications

Andersen, J.E., Himpel, B., Jørgensen, S.F., Martens, J. & McLellan, B. 2017, "The Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariant for links in finite order mapping tori I", Advances in Mathematics

Collier, B. & Li, Q. 2017, "Asymptotics of certain families of Higgs bundles in the Hitchin component", Advances in Mathematics

Alexeev, N.V., Andersen, J.E., Penner, R.C. & Zograf P. 2016, "Enumeration of chord diagrams on many intervals and their non-orientable analogs", Advances in Mathematics

Frenkel, E, Teleman, C. & Tolland, A.J. 2016,"Gromov-Witten gauge theory", Advances in Mathematics

Joyce, D. 2016, "A generalization of manifolds with corners", Advances in Mathematics

Kapranov, M., Kontsevich, M. & Soibelman, Y. 2016, "Algebra of the infrared and secondary polytopes", Advances in Mathematics




Wed 07 Jun
15:15-16:15 | (1530-326) QGM Lounge
AaDAG seminar by Francesco Sala (Kavli IPMU)
Title: Higgs sheaves on a curve and Cohomological Hall algebras
Mon 19 Jun
09:00-16:00 | 1531-219 (Aud. D4)
Lecture series by S. Rayan and H. Weiss 19-21 June 2017
Titel: Asymptotics of Higgs bundles and hyperpolygons
Mon 31 Jul
09:30-16:00 | QGM, Aarhus University / Sandbjerg Estate, Soenderborg
School and conference on geometry and quantization (GEOQUANT) at Aarhus University from 31 July - 11 August 2017